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Protecting your House from Fire

Nobody wants a traumatic experience such as dealing with fire at your home but whether you want it or not, some people go through these kind of scenarios. It is crucial for people to know how to respond to emergencies like these. Wether you want to be in a firefighting job or not, you should be able to learn the following points.

The top priority for these kind of emergency is that your dwelling is accessible to firefighters. You have to make sure that you have the specific address for your home in order to avoid misleading the team thats going to help you out. You can also put signs leading to your home if it is not near the highway. Keep in mind that you should also check for possible areas which has the same name with your address in order to avoid confusions for the firefighters, you want them to get to your house as soon as possible dont you?

Not everyone who purchase fire extinguishers know how to use them, what is the point of having one if you dont even know how to use it? It is important for every household to have a fire extinguisher but whats important is that, you wont just use it for display, you and your family should learn how to use it for fire catastrophes are unpredictable. It is also important that you know the phone number of the local fire station so that you can easily report emergencies. Watch out for the Christmas season because having Christmas lights and fireworks makes you more prone to fire.

Having an escape route in your house for different kinds of emergency is important. Nobody wants to stay inside while the house while its on fire, right? Unless you want to get roasted. You also have to remember that if you have a family, you practice the escape altogether so no one gets left behind.

The most common escape route are the windows because smoke and gas can fill out the staircase quickly which puts you at greater risk when you use them. On the other hand, planning on the escape route doesnt end on choosing which window that you are going to use. If you have a two story house, you should learn how to make a rope out of blankets especially if you are going to escape from the second floor.

If a fire has already started you should try not to panic and immediately call the fire station. Never pour water on an electric equipment that is on fire. To avoid smoke for going in to the room you are in, put wet blanket under the door, this gives you less exposure to smoke that might suffocate you.

It is important that you are not the only one who knows all of the above mentioned points, every member of your family should also be educated so that they would also know what to do if you are not home and a fire has started.
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